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We are currently in the process to change our name as the use of Buddha in commercial outings is no longer allowed. Our new name will be Star Fruit Garden: same place, same staff, same service but under a different name. Some of our banners and menus are already displaying Star Fruit, and soon we will have the Cambodia Beer signs will also display this name. A new website on a new URL will follow shortly and linked from here.

The garden provides for a nice and green setting just behind Serendipity mainstreet, to enjoy a quiet meal without motorbikes and tuk-tuks with their exhaust gasses and blaring sounds. Depending on season we might have some fresh organic fruits and vegetables from the garden served in the restaurant. Bananas and star fruit are often available as they grow all year round. Spices like lemon-grass also come from the garden.

Have a stroll around while waiting for your food in our restaurant if you are curious to have a look.

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