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We are currently in the process to change our name as the use of Buddha in commercial outings is no longer allowed. Our new name will be Star Fruit Garden: same place, same staff, same service but under a different name. Some of our banners and menus are already displaying Star Fruit, and soon we will have the Cambodia Beer signs will also display this name. A new website on a new URL will follow shortly and linked from here.

Our restaurant serves Khmer, Vietnamese and Western food – and great breakfasts to cure those hangovers from the beach parties. Do inquire at our front-desk for rental on bicycles and motorbikes. We also sell tickets for the boats to the islands off-shore like Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloern.

We can help you book a room in advance, as during high season accommodation can get scarce.  Recent years have seen many new places open their doors though so it is a lot better than it used to, also the new fast boat makes several daily trips to and from the island nowadays.

We arrange bustickets around Cambodia as well as into Thailand and Vietnam. We can also book you a private taxi, and prices in Cambodia are very competitive: if you travel with a group of several people then hiring a private taxi might be just a few dollars a head more expensive than bus tickets Рbut quicker and much more flexible. Quick visa-service for Vietnam available, can be delivered on the same day.

Look out for the reception desk under the Cambodia Beer sign, our bungalows and garden restaurant are just a few meters behind. The green garden is a great and relaxing place to enjoy your breakfast, or just sip a coffee and connect to our free wi-fi to check the news in your home-country.


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