Serendipity Beach Road

If you are up in the early morning you will see people walking to the jetty to board the boats for the day trips to the three smaller islands, the fast-ferry to Koh Rong and the party-boat day-trip to Koh Rong Samloern. All sail from Serendipity Pier (only the slow boat to Koh Rong leaves fom the port but they will pick you up at your hotel).

Piping hot during the day, most people are just walking to and from the beach, others just having lunch or a cold drink. In the late afternoon you will see the boats return from the islands off-shore and unload their passengers.

At night, most beach bars offer some sort of happy hour and usually at different times. You will notice the crowds move along according to the clock. Keep an eye on flyers that are handed out showing the week’s cocktails during happy hour or other special offers.

We also sell tickets for all trips with the Party Boat.

For more information: Click here to go to the Party Boat website.

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